Preferred Specialty Products Supplier

Our products are processed under constant scrutiny to achieve finished petrochemical products meeting or exceeding exacting ASTM standards. We have the highest-quality isopentane, pentane, cyclopentane, petroleum ether, isohexane and hexane available anywhere.

Our Statistical Process Control (SPC) program permeates through all phases of our products’ movement. Samples are tested during and after processing and in the tank trucks and railcars loaded for delivery.

Each product South Hampton produces has its own fully dedicated system. From start to finish, pipelines, distillation columns, storage tanks, tank trucks, and railcars are reserved for their own specific product and no other.

We customize loading procedures to maintain the integrity of our products, whether they go by our trucks and railcars or the customers’. Nitrogen purging is also available prior to loading to further ensure product integrity.

Specialty Products:

Safety Data and Technical Data Sheets SDS TDS
Normal Pentane (n-pentane) (99% min) SDS TDS
Isopentane  (99% min) SDS TDS
Isopentane and n-Pentane Blends SDS  
Normal Hexane (n-hexane) (65% min) SDS TDS
Isohexane  (90% min) SDS TDS
Cyclopentane  (70% min) SDS TDS
Petroleum Ether  (35-60°C) SDS TDS
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South Hampton Resources Products & Applications

  N-pentane Isopentane nC5/iC5 Blends N-hexane Isohexane
Condensing Agent Checked Checked      
Blowing/Expanding Agent Checked Checked Checked    
Catalyst Carrier   Checked   Checked Checked
Reactor Diluent       Checked Checked
Crude Oil/Bitumen Upgrade   Checked Checked    
End Product          
Polythylene (PE) Checked Checked   Checked Checked
Polypropylene (PP)   Checked   Checked Checked
Expandable Polystyrene
Packaging   Checked      
Cup Grade Checked        
Block and Shape     Checked    
Polyurethane Foams Checked   Checked    
Synthetic Rubber       Checked Checked
Canadian Tar Sands     Checked    

Other applications: Geothermal, Adhesives, Elastomers, Agricultural, ROSE Unit, Specialty Fuels

South Hampton Resources Lab Product Testing